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Something I made in a week for the Resist game jam. Just thought it might be nice to show people how to use a butterfly knife and make it have a combo system like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater or what you'd expect of a fighting game.


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butterfly-knife-demo-windows-beta.zip 576 MB
Version 1


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i dont understand how to open the app and realy want to play it

can someone please help me

Are you on a mac? This runs on Windows. I never got around to releasing a mac build of this and I'm not sure I still have the dev files.


How about first you learn to spell really, idiot. Read my username.


this game would be better in vr

Hmm, I think so, too. I'll look into possibly getting a VR kit to try that out. Thanks.

uh ok i wasn't expecting you to respond but im happy you might try it out someday


Great to see that I'm not the only one with an interest in balisong manipulation and coding :) I always kind of wanted to do something like this haha.

I'm assuming you flip, ?? I think that wrist chaplin thing is funny, though the blade would need to be on the other side for that trick to work I think.

AAAnyway, I would love to see this expanded upon

Also, If you do flip/collect or whatever, are you present on instagram or the JD?

:) Yeah I flip. Once I got into it I was like, this'd be a cool idea for a game! The wrist chaplin totally wouldn't work in real life though, unless you had an oversized balisong like in the game.

Glad you liked it! I was debating turning it into a full game but the coding gives me nightmares. If you do coding, let me know if you wanna work together on it.

I have an instagram but it's mainly just pics i think look aesthetic. username: mauvesic
what's the JD?

will you bring this game to mac